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TYPO3 Support

Are you looking for TYPO3 support, maintenance or upgrade and solving security issues?

For sure you are in the right place. We can provide you TYPO3 support, upgradation and maintenance services at a nominal cost.

TYPO3 Upgrade Process

In the last few years, we have mastered several techniques, which includes the TYPO3 upgrade process. On a small website, this can be quite easy. However when it comes to a big site, with several extensions, this can be tedious. When extensions are patched, and not documented you are sure to lose many data/features.

Nothing to worry, we can handle these tasks easily. Our TYPO3 developers are trained on these aspects, and we ensure that each extension works fine along with their patches. At times a specific extension may not be feasible, at such instance we can find a better extension, or even develop one on our own, and make sure that all old data gets into the new extension, without losing anything.

TYPO3 Maintenance and support

Without proper maintenance a website may not be functioning well on a long run. Extensions get outdated, the TYPO3 core may get outdated, new security issues might arise, client may come up with new feature requests.

We can handle them all, ask for our nominal maintenance plans, and we would be more than happy to provide you details, or customized quotes to suit a specific project or website.

TYPO3 Security issues

A community based software may be prone to security issues, and TYPO3 is not exceptional. However, TYPO3 has a very strong security team, who always keep looking for errors or bugs that can lead to a security issue. They announce all such issues on a timely basis. We keep track of all such issues, and we can intimate you of all such issues. We can even help you get rid of these security issues. Do get in touch with us to get our services.