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TYPO3 Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily manage your website. If you have used a word editor, and are comfortable browsing with a Web browser, you can also easily maintain your website using TYPO3.

Whether your website consists of just few pages or several thousand. Whether the site is managed by a single person or an entire editorial. Whether it contains a single site or multiple sites. It does not matter, TYPO3 CMS can do it all.

Why choose TYPO3 CMS by SCWEBS?

SCWEBS is a leader in TYPO3 CMS. A position where we are proud of and we have achieved through:

We have worked on over 300 projects, for various clients in various countries including Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland ; All your projects and your client details will never be shared with anyone.

Read more about our Non-Disclosure Policy.

We are also involved in the TYPO3 community: as a contributor to the mailing list, debugging and providing patch to some core extension on TYPO3 forge, by answering questions on IRC. We are aiming to contribute more by becoming a co-developer of core extensions and the cms;

TYPO3 CMS = user-friendly, extensible, widely accepted.

  • In about four to six hours an editor can be trained to master adding contents.
  • You can easily place news, jobs or other content.
  • Information can be easily hidden at the click of a button.
  • TYPO3 allows simple caching (built-in feature), to extreme caching by using static HTML pages (using separate extension), which helps in reducing the load on the server and database
  •  TYPO3 comes with different user system. While using the back-end users (BE Users), you can decide who can change what information, by using the front-end users (FE Users) you get the option to display information only to specified user/user groups.
  • You can manage all pages of your site easily on your own. Such as page creations, deletion or modifications.
  • You can easily organize/re-organize the page structure on your own. TYPO3 and our configuration takes care of displaying it accordingly on home page.
  • You can manage Mailing forms yourself using form wizards.



Do you need more customized solutions? such as:

  • School management/information system
  • Project management system
  • Product information system
  • Hospital management/information systems
  • Applications for Doctor/Hostpital appointments.
  • Automated import/export of data into TYPO3 from other data format
  • and many more...

TYPO3: deployed on thousands of websites worldwide!

TYPO3 is now being used on thousands of websites worldwide. There are TYPO3 solution providers in more than 50 countries. This open source CMS is also available in an incredible 48 languages.